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My name is Bogdan and this is the fourth time in four years that I started the website hoping that it will be the last time I will have to restart it from scratch and that everything will be just as I dreamed.

I invested everything I had saved in the past and after each failure I had to take a break from the project and go back to working in order to raise more money to start again. The problem was that in the past I tried different scripts and after some time I would  realize that they are too limited and I will never be able to modify the website and make it just like I truly want it to look in the end. Drahoo will not look the way I imagined in 2012 and it will not have all the features it should have.

The notion of Drahoo was born a long time ago, and I had a lot of reasons to start a project like this. Living in an Eastern European country in 2012 did not allow me to sell Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten and a few other sites. Let me explain.

Ebay called me and told me I couldn’t sell on Ebay because I live in an Eastern European country and they had issues with past dealings in those countries. I was to fax them all the documents and that’s what I did. I sent them a copy of the identity card, driver’s license, bank statement and after several weeks I still had no answear.

Ioffer told me to pay 88 $ if I want to keep using their service, and so I did. After I got the money and made the payment, they closed my account without any explanation.

I was going through tough times, especially financially,  I remember paying the rent and utilities with the money my girlfriend was making from her fiverr account, doing testimonials. It got even tougher, one morning, when they closed her account without warning. We were both shocked and she spent several hours  thinking and without saying anything. That’s when I said I’d do something about it and create a system where everyone, no matter where they lived, could buy or sell anything if they wanted to and nobody would have their account closed or suspended without any kind of warning. Everyone deserves a warning and a second chance.

I’m not competing with anyone, there’s room for everybody! I actually prefer creativity instead of competition.

After reading reviews about Amazon, Ebay and the other sites I couldn’t believe how many negative reviews they had! I am trying to solve those people’s problems through Drahoo.



Now the big question is why do I need people’s help? Why do I need donations?

I simply don’t have enough money left to implement all the features I want the website to have, so that everything is simple and everybody finds it useful. These include:

  • Customer support – offline, live chat, phone, video chat –which in my opinion is the most important one
  • Applications for Android and IOS
  • A complex system in which people can negotiate through offers and counter-offers
  • Import from ebay, amazon, etsy, aliexpress – to make it easy for people to have products for sale from day one.
  • Server – a very powerful server is needed to cope with the complexity and traffic of the site
  • Developers, designers, marketers, content writers, mobile application developers, etc
  • Paid traffic: Facebook Ads, Google Ads and other advertising companies

At the moment, the Drahoo team consists of 3 members. Me and 2 more friends, who have another job and come whenever they are free (in the evenings and week-ends), hence the reason why Drahoo needs a bigger team. This does not apply to me, I come to the office monday to sunday. It is my dream and duty to give everything I have for this project and make all the required sacrifices.

So if you think you can help with a donation or any other kind of help (a share on facebook, instagram, maybe you can help us with a design, advice, absolutely anything) you are free to do it and we thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts.

All we can do for now is to thank you personally through a video, audio or  e-mail and put your name for life in our HALL OF FAME DONORS page, along with all the other donors, regardless of the help they bring. Any amount is welcome and we thank you for your help. If we make it big just like we dreamed, everyone will win, we will come with updates.

I wish you and your family success and may all the goals and dreams you have for the future come true!

Drahoo will grow as big as we dream of, and everyone will definitely win. This is why Drahoo uses Win-Win as its motto .

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