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That’s $600,000+ Cold Hard Cash!

If you’ve attempted to make money online, you probably get bombarded with the latest “groundbreaking secret method” every day….

But the reason you haven’t succeeded in achieving your dreams, is because your current marketing approach isn’t working.

…and it’s not your fault.

Thousands of people turn to the internet in an attempt to create an extra stream of income to support themselves and their families… but end up getting suckered into every last junk offer under the sun.

Unfortunately, many of the “experts” online can claim their own fame – meaning you have to sort through a ton of garbage to dig out the gems that actually work…

…and even then, it’s still mission impossible to get it to work the way they promise.

Well, I’m here to tell you there’s a far, FAR better way.

So Before We Continue, Let Me Just Say That

This Does NOT Have Anything To Do With

  • Expensive PPC or other paid advertising… Although you have the option to use this, it’s much easier for you to use more reliable (and FREE) methods first…

  • Spending months learning and doing SEO… or “Search Engine Optimization”. It’s far too complicated… especially for lazy marketers! Getting people to your website is faster, and much easier with simple methods I’ll show you inside my guide (which I’ll reveal shortly…

  • Building hundreds of blogs and then writing articles for adsense… not only is this method frustrating, time consuming and downright exhausting – but it just doesn’t work like it like it used to. Many have turned to automated methods and virtually spam the internet to get a trickle of visitors who might click ads on their website (if they’re lucky… and Google is catching on fast so the income could literally disappear overnight). This is not a good business model for creating a steady income…  

  • Good old affiliate marketing… I’m not going to bash this one. Affiliate marketing can be great. However… there are a bunch of no-good marketers out there making a killing by spamming everything to death and marketing new products to lists of thousands of people. That takes too long, and it’s too much work! (which is why you’re going to love what I’m about to show you).

  • Making a product from scratch… which means you also have to spend weeks, possibly months creating content. And if you don’t create that products yourself, be prepared to shell out thousands on sales letters, graphics, websites, content creation, and more…

(Hint: We’re about to “rip people off” and take advantage of their hard work… hit the bricks, right now – if you can’t handle it!)

But first…this vital information for succeeding massively online is not for everyone. Many people consider me an “online guru”… but really, the only REAL secret to online marketing is…

If You Want To Make A Killer Profit,

You MUST Do What The Gurus Do

You’ve probably been pressured into buying courses on blogging, adsense, affiliate marketing, list building, and more… that ended in information overload and frustration.

…that’s why you need to stop relying on what the “fat cat” marketers at the top SAY – and then DO what they actually DO to get ahead in this game…

So for the first time ever, I’m going to give you the opportunity to “pick my brain” and use the same secrets I used to become one of the most successful internet marketers in the world…

This is the key to unlimited wealth, success, and freedom so you too can create your ULTIMATE dream lifestyle!

…I’m about to give you an easy to follow to follow roadmap so you too can get your hands on your slice of virtual, money sucking real estate.

All you have to do is follow it – exactly as I say – so…

Keep Your Eyes Glued To The Screen As I Reveal My Idiotically Simple Insider Tricks…That Have Earned Me MILLIONS Of Dollars In Sales From The Internet!

(and if you have a keen eye you’ll probably get a few ideas just READING this letter!).

There’s just one little problem…

You probably know this already – but knowing who to trust in the online world isn’t easy.

You need to know someone with a proven track record to help you set up a truly successful home business from the ground up… and personal coaching doesn’t come cheap.

If you’ve already tried and failed at the online marketing game, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s NOT as simple and straight forward as some make it out to be…

…especially if you’ve dealt with problems like:

  • conflicting information and confusion – or information overload

  • not knowing which method is the “best” – and getting lost in all the information and promises

  • not knowing who to trust

  • not knowing how to implement a system – start to finish – so you can finally make some money

  • You find out that you need to spend MORE money after you purchase eBooks, video tutorials, home-study courses, etc.

  • Not knowing HOW to put the information to use…

Have you ever asked yourself…

“How can I stop running around in circles and just start a legitimate online business?”

If you’re like most people, that’s a definite yes.

Luckily, you’re in the right place. I’ve lived through almost all those problems and still managed to create my own online empire – and now I’ve engineered the most precise, actionable guide ever released on how to succeed like the “big dogs” in the online marketing world… guaranteed!

Fortunately, you’re in good company.     

You see, I’ve been marketing online for the past 13 years – and I’ve learned a few things that MAY go against what you’ve seen or heard by every other marketer and their dog out here looking to make a quick buck.

If you’ve been slogging it out on the internet trying to earn some money to support yourself or your family, what you’ve been doing until now isn’t making you happy.

What you need is a proven strategy to create your online business from scratch – and from somebody who actually knows what they’re talking about.

I’m here to help you get what you want because…

Internet Marketing Is DEAD EASY. You Don’t Need To Be Smart, “Gifted”, Or Even Know Complicated Skills To Earn A “Jaw Dropping” 6 Figures!

No more complicated SEO, PPC, and building sites that suck your bank account dry… because this is my personal combination of marketing secrets, and it’s everything you need to know to create a wildly successful, profit pumping online business…

So hold onto your hat… because for the first time ever, I’ve finally gotten ready to disclose my best kept, highly coveted “idiot-proof” business plan for guaranteed success…

I’m talking kickass strategies that puts all that hyped up blogging, and all the other complicated, frustrating nonsense to SHAME…  and give you the ultimate roadmap to true, long term success (although you do need some preparation and maintenance every now and then)…

So you’re probably thinking…why hasn’t anything worked (or worked as well as you thought it would)?

Let’s face the brutal truth…

If You Had A Strategy That Earned Thousands Of Dollars Every Week… Why Would You Give It Away?

Unfortunately, most marketers just aren’t earning money with their own methods they try to sell you… which means they relentlessly battle it out for the top spots in Google, dig out keywords, write endless articles and more in an attempt to get their little slice of the internet marketing pie…

…but here’s the difference between me, and “those” marketers.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn…but I’ve already established myself as a credible online marketer. For you, that means I’m ready to give you a shot at following in my footsteps and creating the lifestyle you want for you and your family.

…so what’s the secret?

It’s simple. Remember how I said I created my own online empire with about 20 minutes “work”, a 2 page website, and a product I didn’t even create?

I used what’s called “private label rights”.

If you haven’t yet heard of “private label rights” or “resale rights”, you’re missing out….big time.

And if you HAVE heard of PLR, or RR, stay tuned because this isn’t just another course on how to sell it – it’s a complete strategy that can turn duds into monster sized money vacuums…

Most people will discount “resale rights” products as poor quality, and written by freelancers with no real experience… well that’s about to change drastically … once you get your hands on this brand new system I’ve designed – to help you use PLR in ways you’ve NEVER thought possible…

Because The Difference Between The Struggling, “Clawing Their Way To The Top Marketer” And The Lazy, Deadbeat Millionaires Is This…

We took advantage of others hard work, and used a massive “short cut” to bypass the sweat work of creating a product (which just-so-happens to be a great way of getting OTHER people to send you traffic to buy YOUR stuff… a.k.a. affiliates!) and quickly gain a VERY unfair advantage over the competition…

Many so called “experts” on the internet have even started creating products… to tell YOU how to create products!

Unfortunately… they rarely mention that you’ll also have to take time to learn these complicated skills… or shell out hundreds of dollars for freelancers to do it for you.

Here’s a quick look at what it takes to create your own product – then sell it (which is the most important part)…

  • Find a HUNGRY market that’s prepared to buy your product… you need to know what products will sell – because it doesn’t matter unless anyone WANTS to buy it – otherwise you may as well try and sell ice to Eskimos. This can take a few weeks, AND some trial and error if you don’t know what I’m about to show you!

  • What the heck do you write about!?… if you don’t know anything about what you’re trying to teach – be prepared to face some excruciating boredom, along with a lot of flak if you end up giving wrong information (the internet is more transparent than you think… your reputation will get destroyed quickly and kill future profits if you don’t leave a good impression).

  • Write a killer sales letter… this is a letter designed to sell your product (similar to this one) that you just created – but be warned – it’s not as easy as it looks. A great writer can cost you from $500-$5000… or you can spend years studying the art of writing advertisements that sell… (I’ll show you how to get one for FREE shortly – AND you can claim it as your own too!).

  • Create your website and graphics design… if you haven’t learned any programming or design skills such as HTML, or Photoshop – this can be a nightmare. Fortunately, you can probably find someone to create a decent website for about $100-$300… unless you want to get this for free too!

  •  Write your own follow up emails… sounds easy, right? Wrong! Follow up emails are to contact previous buyers of your products… in the online marketing world, it’s called a “list”. You will be ruthlessly competing against hundreds of other marketers for the same slice of meat – and unless you have top notch follow up emails, you can kiss any profits from this method goodbye. You can spend a few hundred dollars getting a series written by a professional writer – or you can get your hands on my groundbreaking new system in the next few minutes and find out how to get it for nothing or dirt cheap…

And much more that I can’t possibly include – because I value your time… but it’s pretty clear that it’s not as easy as it looks, right?

So why spend time and money to make your own product, when you could buy RESALE RIGHTS and have an IN-DEMAND, high quality product to sell instantly?

Unless you have months to invest in learning the right skills to create a worthy product to sell – or spend thousands of dollars on high quality freelancers to do the dirty work for you, then this option is simply out of the question…


After all, Who Can Afford Such Outrageous Fees…

On A Project That Might Not Even Work Out?

By getting your hands on this system, you’ll automatically save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in wasted money. I’ll show you where to get high quality PREMADE products that include everything you need… to turn a quick, massive profit for minimum work.

You too can finally QUIT the drudgery of buying useless eBooks, DVDs, reports, webinars, one after another… and finally get your hands on a TRUE system that’s easy, practical, and damn near guaranteed to get results.

…not to mention saving you months, possibly years off the learning curve – and skip the frustration of spending hours in front of the computer with nothing to show for it.

In just a few short days, you could start seeing REAL results… because this system is so “idiotically simple” and straight forward that it’s almost impossible NOT to make money.

You’ll feel the tangible effects of actually doing something to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals… without ever having to guess what the next step will be…

If you’re ready to take advantage of other peoples hard work (legally, of course), then using PLR or RR is hands down the most effective way to do it… but MOST people that have used, or tried using PLR have failed.

Fortunately, you can also skip the trial and error of digging out the right products (I’ll even show you where to get these gems – I use them too so they’re very, VERY high quality)…

…and instantly make a killer profit using these little known strategies and techniques I include in the “secrets of resale rights” guide…

It Doesn’t Matter If You’ve ZERO Marketing Experience Or Can Barely Operate a Computer – These Secrets Will Catapult You To Online Success That 99% Of People Who Attempt To Make Money Online Will NEVER Achieve!

Right now, I know what you’re probably thinking that online marketing is too hard, too complicated and too confusing…

Most people do.

But you’ve read this far… you now understand that the advantages of a strategy that puts almost every skill that most experts tell you that you “need to succeed” on the backburner…

And STILL allows you to profit massively…

Not only that, but I’ve made the guide so easy to understand that even the most techno-phobic moron I know (me) can use it to earn millions of dollars on the internet in just a few short years…

In other words, I’ve made this killer strategy “idiot proof” – so YOU can earn big time in just days from now…

And now, it is finally being revealed to the general public in a unique, step-by-step system.

Sound good? Introducing…

“Secrets Of Resale Rights”

The COMPLETE Guide Revealing The LAZIEST Way To Make An Easy

Fortune Online. . .WITHOUT Creating your Own Products!

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover and achieve, even if you implement just a few of the strategies inside “Secrets of Resale Rights”…

  • Most people think “resale rights” are dead… and make a killer profit by taking advantage of it before they realize it’s the fastest, easiest way to launch yourself into “expert” status – and make a killer profit WITHOUT the hassles of creating your own high quality products from scratch!

  • How to pick the highest quality Resale Rights products… and avoid accidentally killing your profits as most people do when trying to make money with resale rights (and usually end up quitting because they don’t know this crucial step).

  • 2 different, yet equally vital strategies you absolutely MUST implement… if you want to put your business on near autopilot (most marketers fail to tell you about the long and complicated process of getting traffic, affiliates, buyers – the list goes on) and use this shortcut that allowed me to pull MILLIONS of dollars over the last few years almost effortlessly!

  • How some marketers get “expert” status in record time… and how YOU can too with the least amount of effort (and never waste weeks attempting to create a product from scratch) … hint: the richest marketers are usually the laziest too (just ask one of my peers)… and then use the most respected experts in your field to send you hordes of hungry, “buyer traffic” to your website!

  • A stupidly simple trick to “piggyback” off expert marketers… and literally STEAL their “big name” credibility – then use it to your advantage by making THEIR customers YOUR customers!

  • How to get “high flyer” experts to promote YOUR products for you and gain access to the “inner circle” of well known marketers. Some of these experts have lists of “proven buyers” so large that a single promotion could earn literally tens of thousands for you in mere days…

  • 20 Questions You Absolutely MUST Answer… if you want to avoid the “resale rights nightmare”… this questionnaire will save you months off the learning curve and help you avoid crappy products that kill your chances of success (for now and the future – one bad product and you can kiss your future online career goodbye).

  • Set up a killer sales funnel… a sales funnel is designed to get buyers to make a slightly larger investment after their purchase so we can “strike while the iron is hot!” and take advantage of “proven buyers” – to squeeze more money out of the same customers – and best of all, you only need to set this up once!

  • Create a powerful email series and sell to previous customers… from work you only did once! Marketing experts agree that it takes approximately 7 views of your marketing message to get someone to buy… so after we set up this simple system, you too can have your very own “on call” list of customers to buy at the click of a button…
    (it’s much, much easier for someone to buy again from you than it is to get a new customer – which is why it’s so important to always ensure you have the highest quality products)

  • Why setting up a “forced” opt-in is costing you sales AND subscribers… and how to use my PERSONAL system instead to get as many subscribers and BUYERS as fast as possible!

  • How to take a one-time product… and package it as a membership site so that you can have recurring payment time and time again. When you discover how to do this, you’ll probably get mad as hell… especially if someone is using this trick on you right now!)

  • How to use “resale rights” to drive FREE, AUTOMATED traffic forever… You’ll get strategies on getting OTHER people promoting “buyer traffic” (no freebie-seeking, tyre kicking, time-wasting traffic) and send them straight into your sales funnel and squeeze every dollar from work you only did ONCE!

  • 10 Kickass “outside the box” strategies to absolutely destroy the competition… these days, having the same plan as everybody and their dogs will get you eaten alive – use these unique systems and blow the competition out of the water and succeed massively in an already competitive, “cut throat”, online marketplace.

  • How to “idiot proof” your business… and allow others to take the risk BEFORE you invest time, money, and energy into a project that might not work out (this alone could save you months of frustration and literally thousands of dollars)…

  • A simple way to completely eliminate “writers block”… and create groundbreaking products from scratch (but only if you want to)… then sell them with resale rights and generate THOUSANDS of leads and send them straight to your sales funnel without even lifting a finger!

  • 5 “tweaks” you can use to instantly create a brand new TURNKEY product… this is only for the absolutely laziest marketers on the planet! (and one other “secret” technique I use to churn out cash-pumping products in record time…)

  • 5 steps to turn articles into products that sell like hotcakes… and best of all, you won’t have to write the articles yourself or agonize about what topics you should write about – because I’ll show you how to use the RIGHT “private label rights” content to GUARANTEE you a report that will almost sell itself!

  • Find out how you can gain access to my Private Label Rights arsenal… and get your hands on FULLY researched, professional “PLR” that I’ve paid $1000’s for… and NEVER buy hundreds of crappy PLR packages, then end up spending weeks finding something that only MIGHT sell (in other words… these packages destroy any other PLR or RR floating around the internet!)

  • The 2 “core” groups of people you absolutely MUST have in your business… to make it as “handsfree” as possible and NEVER waste time on expensive, risky paid advertising ever again… nor spend months trying to figure out complicated SEO stuff!

  • A virtually UNKNOWN way to drive hordes of FREE traffic to your site… to protect everyone involved in using this method – I can’t say or even HINT about what it is here… this simple technique could literally launch your online career (if you don’t do anything else, at least put this to good use!)

  • Instantly destroy the “hamster wheel” mentality… you’ll find out exactly what you need to do, and how to do it so you won’t have to buy another course to “fill in the gaps” or feel like something is missing – because this is advice from the “school of hard knocks” and laid out in a precise, actionable plan so you can feel the tangible effects of your business taking off at warp speed…

  • Extremely condensed and easy to follow program… You won’t have to read hundreds of pages of material then wander how to get started – In fact, you’ll receive simple, ACTION BASED plans to follow in a simple, logical order to GUARANTEE you succeed.

Remember, this is only just a fraction of what you’ll be getting – you’re not just buying some eBook today – you are investing in a system that has the potential to create a completely new lifestyle…

And to make sure this is the easiest, fastest way for you to profit online, you’ll also get the…


Entire Set Of Easy To Follow, “Do-This-Then-Do-That” Step-By-Step Video Tutorials!



These extremely revealing step-by-step videos cover everything you need to know to be up and running immediately after you’re done watching.

I wasn’t going to include these, but I know some people learn better with their eyes and ears. And believe me, the videos take this from no-brainer to almost unconsciously easy.

You’ll have everything you need to start making money right away!

You’re Just Seconds Away From Getting Access To My Complete Arsenal Of Insider Secrets

So You Too Can Create The Lifestyle You Deserve!

So you’ve read this far and carefully considered whether you should invest in this system or not…

There are 2 ways to look at this…

  1. You leave this page, and invest in some no-good “hack”… who CLAIMS he makes money on the internet – yet leaves out vital information that you need to carry out the operation in a logical, easy to understand format…

  2.  You invest today, in a system designed by me… a veteran internet marketer with proof up the wazoo… who’s virtually HANDING you over 13 years of hard earned internet marketing experience and knowledge – and giving you the chance to use the exact same formula that’s generated millions of dollars over the last few years…

This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to get your hands on the very same secrets leading internet marketers use… without having to spend thousands of dollars in trial, error and wasted effort…

I’ve laid all my cards out on the table – and created the simplest, easiest to follow course out there – and packed it with tons of valuable insider information of groundbreaking money-making methods…

Now picture how easy it would be to get started…

  • Quickly, and easily set this system up within a few days – even if you’re a complete idiot when it comes to using the computer…

  • Then you use my killer traffic strategies… to drive hordes of targeted traffic to your business and buy unique, kickass products you didn’t even create…

  • You start to make sales… then re-invest the money to blow your business up to mind-blowing proportions (this can happen within a few weeks from now!)

  • You start earning enough money from home… to quit your job, go on vacation, and operate your business from ANYWHERE in the world (Or you can invest in more “noble” stuff if that floats your boat)

But This System Is EXTREMELY Limited

Because Frankly, Who Knows What Would Happen If I

Let Too Many People Get Their Hands on This?

It’s true… information can get spread over the internet like wildfire – that’s why I have NO OPTION but to severely limit this offer…

Because frankly, if too many people find out about my resources, my BEST insider tips, tricks and secrets that have been compressed (from over 13 years of online marketing experience) and sealed into this offer…

I could very well be putting my own business in jeopardy.

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